Writing Satire

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Satire or Lampoon is most often found in the performing arts, but it is also found as a genre in print. Satire is the ridicule or derision of particular vices or idiosyncrasies for the purposes of irony and humor with the intent of bringing about shame and change of that behavior. Although satire is usually funny it can still serve its purpose by employing a strong sense of wit. A selected piece can be satirized in a few simple steps.

You’ll Need:

·                                Imagination

·                                Pen

·                                Paper or

·                                Computer or

·                                Laptop


Select a piece of writing, play, story to satirize, and note the stand out features which make it unique, such as a look, strong chin, a turn of phrase.


Exaggerate this feature by drawing particular attention to it. For instance, in a play or movie, repeat the turn of phrase loudly or obviously, or for a story use a signature phrase excessively, to the point of ridicule.


Complete the satire by turning the usual ending upside down. For instance if the ‘hero’ always saves everyone at the end, in a satire have their idiosyncrasy cause everyone’s demise, or if people usually live “happily ever after”, have an add on section which starts “until…” and have something comical such as “she had triplets…” or “he lost his job and started to drink…”


·                                 There are many examples of satirical Television shows, e.g. The Daily Show, The Colbert Report (Satires on the News & Politics)

·                                 Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a good example of satire which basically satirizes everything from religion to science to environmentalism to war.

·                                 Look in any of the major newspapers in the country and the political cartoon will probably be satire of some current event in politics.


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