Writing Poetry Dialogues

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Poems are perfect for using multiple view points. An example can be seen in the Bible’s Song of Songs, in that there is the husband’s viewpoint then the woman’s or beloved’s. If you wanted to present a number of viewpoints in your poem you could do something similar.

You’ll Need:

·                                Imagination

·                                Literacy

·                                Sense of Rhythm


Introduce the topic in the first stanza in a general way telling the reader what you will be presenting from differing viewpoints.


Introduce one viewpoint in the second stanza. Present it from all sides press it home and try to convince the reader that this is the correct viewpoint. Introduce the speaker in each case so that the reader knows from where the point is being made. Eg Some folks say that liquor is quicker, But I say it makes your ticker feel sicker”.


Promote the opposing or simply another viewpoint In the next stanza. Promote this one strongly and convince the reader that this is the only view. Once again be sure to introduce the speaker and in a few words mention their qualifications to speak on the topic, eg. “Jackson, the old moon-shiner he done disagrees, He says whiskey’s good for the knees”.


Write the poem from as many viewpoints as you need as long as you present it in a logical and entertaining way.


·                                 Check your spelling

·                                 Have a firm theme in mind before you begin

·                                 formulate the first line and build from there


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