Writing Free Verse Poetry

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Many people have the ability to write poetry. The average person doesn’t realise it but occasionally they will come out with something poignant, and someone will tell them it’s deep, or jovially, “You’re a poet, and you didn’t know it.” Poetry is simply an expression of your feelings that can touch someone else’s soul. Here are some simple steps to start you writing.

You’ll Need:

·                                Literacy

·                                Expression


Record your thoughts. When you’re thinking about a particular subject and a firm idea comes to mind, write it down.


Ponder on this idea for a while and play with the structure of the words and their meaning in context.


Take your notepad and write down the thoughts that come into your head, no matter how strange they seem. Write them all in your notebook. Keep writing as it comers out, without worrying what you are writing.


Wait a hour or so and then come back and read what you have written and then start yo organize your words into coherent phrases and ideas. here you can arrange them into stanzas of different length depending on the subject matter of the lines.


Compose a catchy title once you have polished the words into a complete poem because you want the title to describe the poem, not the poem to conform to the title. Your poem is finished.


·                                 Use correct spelling.

·                                 The phrase does not have to end at the end of the line.

·                                 The poem is read to the punctuation not to the format.


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