Writing an Essay on “The Great Gilly Hopkins”

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In Junior high or Middle school students are asked to read certain books. Rather than just writing a report reviewing it, students are now required to think some more about plots and characters. Below is a comprehensive guide to writing an essay exploring all aspects of The Great Gilly Hopkins.

You’ll Need:

·                                Read the Novel

·                                Write chapter summaries

·                                Discuss the novel in class


Introduce the essay: Paragraph 1 State the name of the novel and the author. Explain who Gilly is, where she lives, her age etc. American students should be able to work out where the story is set, and students in other countries will recognize cities on a map.


Describe Gilly: Paragraph 2 as she appears at the beginning of the novel. What sort of person is she? What is her relationship with the members of her foster family?


Describe others: Paragraph 3 What is the initial impact that Maime Trotter had on Gilly’s life? What effect does she have on her?


Descrobe her mother: Paragraph 4 What part does Courtney, Gilly’s mother, play in Gilly’s life? What effect does she have on her?


Describe Gilly at the end: Paragraph 5 How does she appear at the end of the novel. How is she different? How has her relationship with other characters changed?


Conclude the essay: Paragraph 6 How do you feel about Gilly at the end of the novel? What is your reaction to her experiences?


·                                 Check spelling and grammar

·                                 Only use first person in conclusion.

·                                 Be objective.


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