Writing an Essay on “Remember The Titans”

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This is a guide to help you to study for an exam reviewing the movie Remember the Titans. Follow the steps precisely and you will have a comprehensive essay deserving of an A+ My students who followed this study guide did in fact receive higher grades.

You’ll Need:

·                                Movie: Remember The Titans

·                                View it

·                                Write it


Write the introduction. In the first paragraph of your essay, mention the title, the director, ‘Boaz Yakin’, the film genre, ‘Social Drama’, and the main actors, ‘Denzel Washington, Donald Faison, Kip Pardue, Craig Kirkwood, Will Patton’. Be sure to match the actors with their character names.


Describe the Themes & Issues.Themes: Topics to be covered: •That different races can live and work together. •That prejudices can stifle growth for the common good. Issues: •Can the old coach work under the new one? •Can the White & Black players work as a team? •Can the town reconcile the racial tensions? •Civil Rights. Give Supporting Evidence: •Seen in the appointment of a black coach in a government school where whites had been the dominant force. •Traditions are challenged and notions changed when they get to know each other and become friends. •Equality in schools.


Describe the Significant Events. Topics to be covered. •Football Camp•Animosity towards the black coach (Boone)•Brick in Window.•Quarterback arrives.•White coach (Bill) gets tough w/players.•Car Accident•Final Game. GIve supporting Evidence: •Bonding begins•White talk, hatred etc. •At Boone’s home.•New boy, from California•Cutting players, authority.•Captain injured•After struggle Titans win


Tell Setting & Social Environment. Topics to be Covered: •The setting is Alexandria VA.• When the civil rights movement had not arrived here by 1971 the city forced the issue by consolidating 3 schools into 1 and appointing a black head coach. •Boone is the tough disciplined character and Yoast is the reassuring father figure who undercuts Boone’s discipline. Give supporting evidence: •Seen in the opening names of places and the relations between blacks and whites.•The side issues of bussing and integration are also seen throughout the film in protests etc.


List the characters. Topics to be Covered: •Denzel Washington. Herman Boone is the Head coach. •Will Patton, Coach Yoast who is demoted to assistant coach. •Wood Harris, Big Ju •Ryan Hurst, Bertier, •Donald Faison, Petey •Craig Kirkwood, Rev Give Supporting Evidence: •Screenplay of the movie. Boone takes over as coach. •This is an adaptation of a true story. •All types of characters are seen to make up the team.


Examine the Film Technique. Topics to be Covered: •Camera Work, Zooming, Wide angle, Panning, Landscaping,Lighting •Lighting, Bright, Subdued, Normal,•Music, Strong, Stirring, Loud, Soft, Popular, Contemporary •Colour, Banners, Highlights, •Editing, Where the director cuts a scene. What is added on the edit? Give Supporting Evidence: •Games, during coaching.•During games & training.•During conversations, and events through the film.


Write the Conclusion and Evaluation. Topics to be Covered: •Does the film achieve what it set out to achieve? •Did it raise awareness to race issues in America or the World? •Would this film appeal to teenagers? •Why? •Does this film appeal to you? •Why? Give Supporting Evidence: •Outline what you liked or disliked about the film. •What effect does it have on teenagers your age?


·                                 Edit your essay for errors.

·                                 Spell check it

·                                 Ensure you have transitions between paragraphs.

·                                 Don’t introduce any new facts in the concluding paragraph


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