Writing a Story in Junior High

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Nearly every Junior High student is required at some time of other to write a short story. This usually has to have an audience of younger or same age children. Below is a generic structure that will assist you in writing a short story.

You’ll Need:

·                                Pen

·                                Paper

·                                Imagination


Write the introduction. In this section you will name your characters, and describe what they’re like, what they do,the setting of the story, and their ages. Use the introductory paragraphs to establish who is bad, who is good, who is happy, and who is sad in your story.


Write the body. The body describes what the complication in the story is. It tells what the hero has to fix.How does it affect the hero/others? How does the hero intend to fix things? What does he do while he/she works it out? You can put in a second smaller problem here. How does the story build up in excitement?


Write the climax. What happens at the climax? How has the action come to this, and how did the tension or suspense build? How is the complication resolved? Write what the protagonist did to win the day.


Write the conclusion. How was the complication resolved? Here you can also resolve the smaller complication. Tie up the loose ends. Explain how the hero fixed the problem. What happened to the bad guy? What are the heroes doing now? THE END

Tips & Warnings

·                                 Spell check is helpful

·                                 Read widely

·                                 Don’t plagiarize, as you will be caught.


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