Hollywood Hotties Men Love

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OK, ladies, gents, this is a list for the guys, as I can not deny my interest in the fairer sex. I have made a list of some of the hottest women in Hollywood, at least in my opinion. Due to one half of my heritage, I have picked some Latina hotties who raise my pulse to the boiling point. Feel free to comment or tell me who I missed, but I’m sure you will agree, probably more women than men, that all names on this list do qualify.

However, I apologize in advance, if I left one of your favorites off the list.

They are in no particular order, with exception to the first two, who are to me the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on besides Mrs. Bo Jack.

So, Here’s my list…………

1)Scarlett Johansson. Who else could take this spot? This woman screams sexy and seductive.

2)Salma Hayak. What, are you kidding me? Has the good Lord ever put a more attractive woman on the face of the planet?

3) Natalie Portman. Simply beautiful the prettiest face I have ever seen.

4)Eva Mendes. Oh my, hot hot hot hot. Did I mention she was hot?

5)Kiera Knightly. She makes this list with such amazing beauty in her face, and what a great actress. God was having a good day when he created her, half my age, but makes me drool.

6)Charlize Theron. A natural beauty who is tough and kicks ass, got to love her.

7)Angelina Jolie. Yes, the daughter of handsome John Voight, a childhood hero of mine from” Deliverance”. The name itself is Italian, and oh God, it in itself sounds soooo hot. Those lips and other goodies, my yes.

8)Katie Holmes. Tom Cruise is older than me, if he can marry her, I can put her on my list, underrated actress, and just so damn cute.

9)Halle Berry. Smoking hot. Just a total babe to me.

10)Penelope Cruz. Another Latina dream girl, those eyes just call you to her inviting face. Such a beauty.

Now I need to add a couple more, and some honorable mention.

11)For a group a little older; Jamie Lee Curtis, still amazing, Tea Leoni, gorgeous, Lucille Ball, the absolutely most drop dead gorgeous woman I have ever seen. I must also shockingly add a young Angela Lansbury here, was very very pretty in her youth, as was Judy Garland.

12)Honorable mention list: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristen Davis, Eva Longoria, Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Brittany Spears, Nicole Kidman, Taylor Swift.


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