A Guide to Attracting Customers for a Handmade Jewelry Business

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One of the first things you will want to do is to spread the word about your business via the Internet. Create a website to represent your jewelry and also yourself as a designer. Log onto browser and search for other jewelry designers, and ask to exchange links with them. Speak with other crafters on message boards or social networks to let people know that you sell jewelry.

Another important step that you can help you gain customers in your local area is to contact newspapers. Speak with an editor of the newspaper in your hometown, and also talk with other newspaper editors in surrounding communities. You might even contact local news stations. Tell your story about why you are in business and how come you love creating handmade jewelry. Design a special sale or offer where first time buyers can receive a discount for their first order.

Organize an open house or home jewelry party. List it in the newspaper along with your press release. Find a big enough table or tables that all of your jewelry can sit on. Put a pretty colored tablecloth over the table and decorate with candles, loose beads, and other trinkets. Don’t forget to lie out your business cards as well! Sit a laptop nearby showing off your website if you have one too. Invite plenty of your friends and family to the jewelry party. Be sure that they bring a guest so that they can receive special discounts too. Perhaps you can give them a free gift or an amount off their first purchase at the jewelry party.

Hand out business cards wherever and anywhere you go! Try to frequent all of the nearby craft shows, and be sure to attend jewelry parties as well. Let everybody know that you make and sell jewelry. Put your cards up on corkboards at stores, leave them behind at businesses, and include an extra card with every order that you sell. This way they can give one of your business cards to a friend or family member.

If you are parent with children, add little stretch bracelets to seasonal gift bags at school. If they create candy bags for Christmas, Halloween, Valentines Day, or Easter, place little bracelets in the girl bags and key rings in the boy bags. Include a business card attached to the jewelry. You just might get a call from another parent asking about your jewelry!

There are many ways to attract customers to your jewelry business. You just need to always be in the right place, at the right time. Be sure you talk with business owners, retail shops, and even others who sell jewelry. They can offer you advice within the jewelry business, and help you succeed with their offered advice. Just remember that any dream is possible, and while it may take some time, you can have the jewelry business that you have always wished for.


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