Protect your baby and family from plastics

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1 200711125thgradegradblake0030_Thumb.jpg Please protect your children from the harmful effects from plastics If you have a baby or want to protect your family, listen up. Baby’s are always exploring things and putting things in their mouths. Is what He or she sucking on safe? And is what your drinking out of safe. You know that plastic container or water bottle. Well to start off with the new law on the ban on phthalate in toys finally became law in Aug 2008.But does not go into effect till 2009 Feb.So you have to still watch what your putting in your mouth.

200711125thgradegradblake0048_Thumb.jpg Stay AwayFrom Certain Plastics That Have BPA In IT More than 70% of toys are made outside the U.S. Tons of toys were recalled made in china because of Lead Paint. if it looks real shiny don’t buy it, it’s probably lead paint. Our government does not have control of what’s made outside our country. It’s very hard to find and identify the symptoms of lead poison. It could happen later on in life. It could be less IQ or A.D.D or worse.

20080617eastkdtournament20080139_Thumb.j Be carful of Tainted Plastics Check your baby bottles to make sure that there is no BPA in it .Bisphenol A ,a known andoctrine disrupter-that has been known to liver damage and behavior problems in animals.Its also known to inhibit symptoms such as obesity,heart disease and diabetes.Watch what you drink from.Use stainless steel containers to drink from


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