Burn More Body Fat in Less Time

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For those of us who don’t have the time to workout, but desperately want to stay in shape or get there, this is for you. Not only will you drop fat pounds faster, but in half the time! This type of fitness training is known as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and is the best for busting past any fitness goal-whether it’s fat loss or competition!    You can use bodyweight, dumbbells, or any type of fitness equipment available to you for your workouts. The type of tools you use will be dependant on your overall goals. For example, if you are a runner you will want to focus on speed and endurance. If you are wanting to increase muscle and reduce body fat, you will want to incorporate both resistance and cardiovascular training together in your workouts.

The idea of HIIT is simple, you will warm up first with about 5 minutes of physical activity (ie. treadmill, jumping jacks, running in place, jumping rope.) A good warm up is anything that will get your blood circulating faster through the body to prevent injury during intense activity.

After a warm up, you will begin to exercise with alternate intervals of moderate-intensity with periods of near-maximum effort. This means if you are on a treadmill, for example, you will jog at moderate intensity for a minute, then work at an all out sprint for 15 seconds or so and return back to moderate intensity. This will be finished with a light cool down (about 3-5 minutes), to bring heart rate back to normal rate.

This type of training can be done with resistance training as well. Simply take two exercises and do one after the other without rest between, such as squats and pushups. Go to failure for both and rest briefly after completion. Repeat for your desired number of sets.

The time frame for HIIT workouts will range between 15 to 45 minutes (maximum). It is hard work, but nothing really awesome and effective is for free, is it? I promise this does work, if you have comments of questions about this type of training, I am here for you.


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