Purple Tomatoes Really Angry

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Professor Sherborne has been shedding some light on new experiments on the genetically engineered health preserving fruit recently making headlines, the processes involved in creating the healthy fruit involved metabolic engineering, the next step though has started in a more “analogue way” explains the Professor “we basically have started throwing them against walls and playing tennis with them in an attempt and to test the theory that we might make the molecules angry enough to get them moving more than usual thus making them more effective, aggressive to other molecules that they are naturally disposed not to like”.

“This does rather make a mess of them” the scientist says ” its early days we are examining them in detail quickly after the event and it does seem to have an effect, other than squiggling them, the molecular structure is very active”. Professor Sherborne goes on to tell me that care will have to be taken that they are not made to aggressive “we can’t have these compounds, for example, attacking our immune system and if further experiments prove to be successful methods of anger management within the tomatoes will have to be developed, or we may create killer tomatoes.  Also of course squashed tomatoes aren’t as attractive or versatile when it comes to meals, although they could be marketed as tinned chopped tomatoes, so we have to find a more practical way to anger them”.

Lastly the Professor confides that development of chameleon tomatoes is a possibility in the future, “a fruit with multiple metabolic states, colours, health benefits as it ripens/decays the tomatoes would be supplied with a colour card informing of the different benefits of each stage”. 



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