Chops in snow for New Year Eve

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This recipe with its strange name”Pork chops in snow” is easy for preparation and serves four people. It is very delicious and especially good for cold winter months when people need to eat something substantial. I have tried this recipe many times and always my guests are very surprised and want to get the recipe. For preparing this recipe you will need the following


4 pork chops

200 gr white wine (you can use the cheapest wine you can find but if the wine is of high quality it would be better)

4 whites of the eggs

4 spoons yogurt




black pepper

red pepper


salt to taste

200 gr water

Method of preparation:

The chops ashould be tapped with a wooden hammer. Then grind the garlic on them and put some salt.Sprinkle the black pepper and the cummin. The next step is to pour the chops with the wine and to leave them staying for half an hour.After that,sprinkle the red pepper,pour 200 gr water and put them into the oven for cooking.Cook for 30-40 minutes and pour the next 100 gr wine and cook for 20 minutes.Meanwhile stir the whites of the eggs by adding the yogurt. Pour this mixture onto the chops and leave them into the oven for 5 minutes. Before serving you can sprinkle the finely chopped parsley. You can serve the chops with vegetable salad and please do not forget some white wine.


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