No sex, please, you’re a carnivore

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“Indeed..meat eaters are nothing but a moving graveyards,”thats how kristi explained to me and went further: well if i have to choose i would rather marry a vegen man, although its my perception that meat eaters are more attractive then to vegen men, but i just can not tolarate sharing a bed with someone who is alive on dead animals.

kristy herself was a meat eaters i knew this when i told her that she nodded”yes it was my past.”Then she gave a lengthy explanation in support of her being vegetarian and its banafits.why do not people understand that we do not live in caves anymore she continud to defame meat eaters.

“May i be the first one to propose the lady as being the vegen man,I cajoled her. she gave a wink look at me. she is becoming an ardent follower of vegetarian drive ever since she came in contact with Krishna mission.

We can save Human race from developing inhuman behavioral attitude caused by eating meat. we all know that there are certain diseases caused only by eating meat.Its a fact that vegetarians are found less aggresive and are healthier then non- vegetarians.

Might i include further that aggression we find in children could be eliminated just by practicing vegetarianism and lead a healthy life and save life of innocent animals to preserve the beauty of this planet.

Shree Krishna Mission doing a great job in bringing awareness among people and making this world more human friendly.


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