A trip to Switzerland

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Switzerland, one of the richest countries in the world probably because of its neutrality and hosting of many international organizations, has lots to offer to everybody`s taste.

Zurich, the center of experiences with more than 50 museums, 100 art galleries,other interesting attractions and lively nightlife in Niederdorf and Langstrasse, is a preferrable place for many tourists. Zurich is the heart of Switzerland and its cultural capital. Great Minster (Grossmuenster) church near Lake Zurich in the old city,Our Lady`s Minster (Fraumuenser) with the stained glass choir windows,St. Peter with its largest church clock face in the world, the Bahnhofstrasse(one of the most elegant streets in whole Europe) are places worth visiting.

Lucerne, the beautiful small city across the lake from Altdorf (in the heart of Switzerland),is well known with the legend of William Tell and the name of Mark Twain.What can be seen here?! Lowengraben or Lion`s Monument, Swan Square,the Chapel Bridge,the old city wall and the Glacier Garden (the Nature`s own monument to its history with the park and museum).

Lauterbrunnen (many springs) is famous with the high mountains that surround it, pure and clear source of water and crystal clear air. The highest railway station in Europe is here. Reaching it throughout Trummelbach one can be surprised by the scene of faery with its unscalable peaks and waterfalls.

Bern, with its unique sign of the bear that is linked to the legend with the establishment of the town and its unique location, is worldfamous with its 100 fountains, the cobbled streets,covered arcades and decorated facades. What is interesting for visiting here? The Clock Tower,the Houses of Parliament and Bundesplatz,the Zoological gardens.

Lausanne, a city of Romandy (the part of Switzerland where French is speaking) is the capital of the Olympic Games.Sightseeing here: the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Europe Square,many museums like the Olympic Museum, the museum of Archaeology and History and many others.

Geneva, one of the world`s centers of diplomacy, is a global city that hosts numerous international organizations. The city which is called”Peace Capital” is also a  city of arts and culture. There are many museums, libraries, the Opera House, the City Hall, the Monument  of Reformation.Geneva has lots of parks, too. Among the most famous are: La Grange, Les Eaux-Vives or Mon Repos. But the most interesting thing for many tourists is the beautiful Flower Clock which is a symbol of Geneva and is located in the English garden.

Veve is famous with its being the home of the chocolate and the seat of the giant Nestle. Another interesting thing here is the monument of Charlie Chaplin linked to his last days of life, in this region.

Montreux, the pearl of the Swiss Riviera, interesting with its palaces and villas, is often called the Swiss Cote d`Azure (serene coast).

Locarno is a world famous resort with its most sunshine hours of anywhere in Switzerland. The cobbled alleys of the Old town are lined with Renaissance facades and lead the tourists to Madonna del Sasso Sanctuary (church).

Lugano, with its Italian style (Italian piazzas and tree lined promenades), ancient churches, world-class galleries, beautiful palms and warm breeze, attracts lots of tourists from all over the world every year.

This is Switzerland as I have seen it.


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