Emoticons for Gmail Chat

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Emoticons for Gmail Chat

Emoticons – love “em or hate “em, you can’t escape them. Those little faces which have reduced our emotional expressions to a couple keystrokes and some pixels…. Well, sometimes it feels as though they’ve taken over the world, with a life of their own. But we use them all the same, for fun and convenience while expressing ourselves during that oh so postmodern phenomenon of communicating by internet chat.

Whatever your chat service of choice, there is surely an emoticon service that comes along with it. Gmail is my personal favourite; I live in my email, as do many of my friends and colleagues, so it only makes sense to exchange news, plans and gossip from right within the chat screen. Gmail’s convenience is also fun… the emoticons available on gmail chat are among my favourites, because they’re animated in a slow and attractive way, while still derived from the old-fashioned vocabulary of semicolons and round brackets. None of these flashy yellow happy faces with pink tongues and annoying voices for me!

So if you love gmail, and feel that nothing expresses your mood like a couple of dots and a dash, then check out this list of animated emoticons for gmail. You might find a few new ones you’d never imagined, like the cowbell, for those hard-to-define feelings that sweep over you from time to time.

[angry]= x-(

[big nose wink]= ;^)

[cool]= B-)

[cowbell]= +/’\

[cry]= :'(

[devil]= }:-)

[equal grin]= =D

[equal smile]= =)

[frown]= 🙁

[grin]= 😀

[mustache]= :{

[pig]= :(:)

[crab]= V.v.V

[heart]= <3

[broken heart]= <!– 3 [monkey]= :(|)

[nose grin]= 😀

[nose smile]= 🙂

[nose wink]= 😉

[rockout]= \m/

[shocked]= 😮

[slant]= :-/

[smile]= 🙂

[straightface]= 😐

[tongue]= 😛

[wince]= >.<

[kiss star]= :*

[kiss x]= 😡


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