I Am a Rich Man, Though Not Really

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Having read about scams and looked at the info on my email account warning of what to look for it was all a bit distant, but as with everything else nothing connects better than when you are involved yourself. The information I have read warning of these things seems pretty accurate given the correspondence I received, bad English, always asking for your bank details and a couple asking for bank details and a fee.

Whoever it was sent the letter has got a UK electoral list, the list I am obliged to be on or pay a fine of £1000, I will have to look at this as I think there is a sort of x directory you can choose to be on but I’m not sure. Who needs to go through your dustbin checking for untouched correspondence when this thing is about? Between my local council, my governments departments dropping little electronic presents all over the country, ad ware, CV’s and application forms that end up lord knows where and the myriad other ways that people can get hold of your details I fear this battle is lost.

Shredding isn’t all its cracked up to be either as those determined enough and with the time can stick these bits back together, I have in the past shredded stuff then split up the remnants and put them in different bags, then kept one bag for next weeks collection (cunning eh?) but this manoeuvre has got tedious not least because I’d have a bag of rubbish hanging around for nearly two weeks. So here I sit with another box of paper I need to get rid of, if I had a garden I’d just burn it. Good luck to all with this it is something we all have to think about now even the scammers. Also please, if anyone knows or thinks the above scams where legitimate don’t let me know.

As a footnote to the above and to cheer you all up, I believe banks increasingly in the future will be making it harder for any of us unfortunate enough to be conned or have our money stolen to be reimbursed for the loss, after watching the story of a lady who had a terrible battle with her bank to get money she had stolen back into her account. Whether online or being a victim of a pick pocket etc, banks in the future will want to know you didn’t have your pin number in your purse or wallet, that your virus protection and anti ad ware software was adequate and up to date, that you are a diligent shredder etc. In the end Mr Happy Fun Guy here thinks that before long it will be a requirement to have IT fraud and general theft insurance to cover our accounts, probably provided by the bank.


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