Writing a Movie Review

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·                                Movies

·                                Memory

·                                Know the actors

·                                Plot of movie


Write the Title of Review and the name of movie being reviewed. You should mention the location of movie theater where movie was seen and the date of when movie was reviewed plus the phone number of movie theater. Who is the Director. What other movies has this director done?


Name yourself as the author/reviewer, and give your credentials to be reviewing this film, ie. You are a teacher, writer, filmmaker, director, or work in TV etc. Give a contact email address of author/reviewer for correspondence


Tell your readers whether the film is intended for children, teenagers, young adults, or adults, and give the official rating such as (G, PG, PG-13, R). Your readers will want to know the type of Movie, the genre that it fits in to when making their decision, so tell them whether it is a comedy, drama, action/adventure, western, chick flick, or other type.


Give general information about the film such as the opening date, and name of producer. The length of the movie, Actors in the movie. Are the characters in the movie easy to understand? Rate their acting, and the sound (Digital?) music.


What hours movie is showing and the admission charge into the movie. Tell the audience if it’s early in the season the crowdedness of theaters (Do you need to buy your tickets early?) Does it have a simple plot? Give a brief summary of the plot…but do not spoil the ending! Is the movie easy to follow? Compare it to other movies Give an overall rating


                      All reviews should be short and concise.

·                                 They should be objective and impartial.

·                                 They should be carefully written.

·                                 Make sure to not give the ending away!


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