Microsoft Internet Explorer Glitch

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As I was watching the early morning news broadcasts this morning a news article caught my attention. It was stated that Microsoft Internet explorers are being asked to switch to another browser. Is Internet explorer not safe to use?

It seems that there is a flaw within Microsoft’s Internet  Explorer 7 and in other earlier versions as well, that will allow a hacker to gain control of your computer and have access to all passwords and personal data. This glitch was only discovered last week, but it has been a problem for Internet Explorer since the first day that it was launched.

Microsoft Internet Explorer is trying to find a fix for this security breach to help  Internet Explorer users codes, passwords and personal information remain secure. Whenever  Microsoft concludes it’s investigation of these attacks, they will provide solutions to their users to keep personal information safe, through security updates, service packs and/or out of cycle security updates.

Microsoft is recommending that Internet Explorers change their security settings to high but this will slow down  Internet Explorer even more than its already snails pace speed. Log out from your computer and create another user account, and change settings so that your programs cannot be changed through that account. Keep your anti-virus software up to date or switch to another browser.

This is not the only glitch that Internet Explorer has. I recently switched to Firefox due to all the problems that I have been experiencing with Internet Explorer 7. It would repeatedly stop responding numerous times daily and I would have to stop what I was doing (as  Internet Explorer had frozen) and restart the program. I switched to Firefox and have had no problems whatsoever. What a relief!

I am glad now that I switched, as  Microsoft Internet Explorer is no longer safe to use. I have my doubts that this problem will be fixed effectively any time soon. I notified them of the other problems that I was experiencing, and was never even given the courtesy of a reply to my questions, much less any information as how to fix the glitch. I feel much safer with my  Internet browsing since I have switched. I seriously doubt that I will ever swap back to  Microsoft Internet Explorer. How can I trust them to fix this security problem to where it will be safe to use  Internet Explorer again? My information is too valuable to me.


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