Visiting Jerusalem

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Many people would like to visit the Holy Land but in the end they put it off because of a variety of reasons. It is too expensive, too difficult, too far, or too foreign. Well nothing could be further from the truth. Israel is a beautiful and climatically temperate country which has much to offer the pilgrim as well as the tourist. On yyour arrival there are an infinite number of tour companies willing to show you around the touristy sites, but this article will direct you to some of the less frequented sites and some popular ones also. So after you end your guided tour you might like to try these sites as well.
You’ll Need:

·                                Passport

·                                Visa

·                                Airline Tickets

·                                Itinerary


Be sure to visit the Western (Wailing) Wall in Jerusalem is all that remains of the splendor of Solomon’s temple to the Lord in Jerusalem. It was destroyed by Babylonian invaders under Nebuchadnezzar circa 500 BCE Since its recapture in the 6 day war of 1967 it is where thousands of the Jewish faithful pray each day. The faithful try to get near the wall and place their petition to the Lord between the stones.


In the old city of Jerusalem there are many markets as well as historical sites in the old cobbled streets. Since its construction on the site of Solomon’s Temple, the Dome of the Rock has become a familiar part of the Jerusalem skyline. Notice the flat Middle Eastern style roof, where families go to refresh on hot humid nights.


Visit the Holy sites. Jesus was tried before the Sanhedrin Court and this is reportedly the place where he would have been held.


See the street which has been in many films. This street is called Via Dolorosa, a Latin name meaning the way of Pain. It is claimed that this is the hill Jesus carried the cross up on his way to be crucified. It is lined with plaques at each station of the cross which describes what happened there.


Buy souvenirs of your trip. Today the Via dolorosa is lined also with tourist kiosks where the Pilgrims can buy souvenirs of their visit.


Many of the Christian churches claim to be in possession of the actual place where Jesus was buried. Depicted is one such site, The Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and the place where Jesus was laid after his death on the cross.


·                                 The banks do not offer the best currency exchange rates.

·                                 Taxi drivers may offer to exchange currency for you at a better rate than banks.

·                                 Know the going rates so you can barter.

·                                 When in Rome do as the Romans do

·                                 Dress conservatively, especially in Muslim areas.


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