Teaching Power Reading

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Power Reading is not a new concept, but it is a new terminology for what good readers have always done, that is, to read quickly and efficiently. Efficient reading is a combination of reading quickly, comprehending what is read and remembering it. There are a series of simple rules to remember when it comes to reading and if one follows these, one is well on the way to being a Power Reader.

You’ll Need:

·                                Text

·                                Literacy

·                                Will


Select a piece of prose or text at the correct reading level for the development of the reader. In high school this is relatively easy as the texts are prescribed for each grade level. Read the text, but do not read by sounding out each syllable as you did in elementary school. Look at the whole word and remember its shape.


Practice this until you can recognize a word simply by its shape and not by its spelling alone. You will find that you already do this with articles and conjunctive words such as ‘a’ ‘the’ ‘and’ ‘or’.


Scan the line of text and increase the pace a little each time you start to get used to the speed. You will find that you no longer need to ‘sound out’ words in your mind once you can recognize them, and you can move on to the next word. Extend this system by learning to recognize commonly used phrases and their shapes such as, ‘in the house’, or ‘at the mall’.


Pick out words and phrases as you read them, that point to what the particular sentence or paragraph is about, and remember them by jotting in margins or a pad. This will help to form a comprehensive picture of what the piece of writing is about. Read often, and practice these techniques and your reading efficiency will increase exponentially


·                                 Remember, read the whole word, learn the shape of words.

·                                 Extend this skill by learning the shape of common phrases.

·                                 Try to work out the meaning of strange words from the context, and look them up later.


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