Teaching in Foreign Schools

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Teaching in foreign schools can be an opportunity to broaden your horizons. It will provide a unique aspect on foreign cultures and languages. Teachers who are exposed to students of other cultures gain skills that will sustain them throughout many walks of life. It is a relatively simple task to teach abroad. If you wish to teach English to non-English speakers there are a few steps you must follow.

You’ll Need:

·                                A 3 year degree from an English-speaking college.

·                                A Passport

·                                Love of teaching


Obtain a Certificate or Degree, preferably in English or TESOL, but most non-English countries will accept any Degree as long as it is from an English Speaking Country. You will need a current passport.


Select a job abroad. There are many sites online which advertise ESL and EFL jobs vacancies. Eg. www.daveseslcafe.com www.esldaily.org are just two of them. You can google teaching vacancies in any country and find these.


Follow the directions on the advertisement and apply and make sure you have notarized copies of your Degrees and Certificates. Mail these to the Schools when they ask for them.


Once you have been hired, apply to the Embassy of the country you wish to teach in for the relevant working visa.


Buy a ticket to fly to the country abroad where you have been hired. Some schools will reimburse you for your flight and provide and pay for accommodation, but be prepared, some don’t. Most however will assist you in finding suitable accommodation.


·                                 You are in their country, that is, try and do things their way.

·                                 Most work visas means only working in the one school.

·                                 You should speak only in English, for students to speak English.

·                                 Be wary of after-hours academies offering jobs, if this is not sanctioned

·                                 You may be deported if caught.

·                                 Be wary of Black Market offers


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