Alternative Tea Recipes

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Ginger Tea

Ginger root has long been believed to be beneficial to our health. Various sources identify it as an aid to digestion, preventative to nausea and vomiting, an anti-inflammatory, and an immune system booster; new claims even herald it as a cancer preventative. It also has a strong, sharp taste and makes an invigorating, healthy hot drink infusion. Ginger root can be purchased from your local grocery store; simply slice the yellow fibrous root into small pieces, place in a mug, and pour hot water in with it. For stronger taste, let it sit for ten minutes or so; or add a dash of lemon juice to accentuate the flavor.

Cinnamon and Honey

Both cinnamon and honey have healing properties and great tastes. Studies have shown that cinnamon can help lower cholesterol and may have a regulatory effect on blood sugar, a feature particularly pertinent to those with Type 2 Diabetes. Honey has been valued for centuries not only as a natural sweetener, but because it has loads of beneficial nutrients and enzymes, contributing greatly to overall health. To make a quick and tasty hot drink, simply pour boiling water over a teaspoon of honey and a whole cinnamon stick. Let sit for ten or twenty minutes for the most flavor, just enough time to choose a good book and change into your pajamas. If you happen to fall asleep without finishing the drink, you’ll find the taste the next morning a real waker-upper!

Hot Toddy

If you need a real relaxant after a long hard day at work, try a hot toddy as you curl up by the fire after dinner. Brew a regular pot of tea with your favorite flavor, or use the cinnamon and honey recipe above. Then simply add a shot of a nice strong liqueur of your choice. Amaretto makes a sweet mellow taste, as does Tia Maria. If you’re feeling rough, toss some brandy or whiskey in for a kick. You’ll never have to nurse a hangover with this one.


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