Are You Nuts

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Well we all are weird,so do not try to pass away.Weirdness itself is normal-and makes us human.But it’s not always so easy to tell the difference between that”cute” little thing you do and a behavior that may truly be harming you,or others.Here are the some research questions that was asked to some people about their behavior :
1.Why do I always have a song stuck in my head?Regardless of what I’m doing, some tune is playing over and over in my mind. Sometimes it takes several days to change the tune, so to speak, and well, it’s driving me nuts!
: Beside suggesting you turn off your iPod, the experts had almost nothing to say about this behavior, which leaves us with  conclusion: It’s a perfectly natural phenomenon and everyone experiences it.

2.No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to resist of magazines in the doctor’s office or leaving the picture frames on walls- even in my friends’ houses!
:This signs shows the OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) behavior.Harvard psychiatrist olds notes that OCD behaviors  are common.”Everybody has a few OCD habits, and you can’t really be too success-oriented without them.”

3.Why do I love tapping,drumming, and other repetitive rhythmic behavior?My dad do it also,which makes my mom and sister go mad.Is it a gender thing?
:It’s not agender thing, and just because some autistics, engage in repetitive behaviors, that doesn’t mena, you too have that autism.Experts suggest”Next time you tap, stop for a moment and identify what you” might be getting yourself anxious about.

4.I talk to myself all the time, and sometimes I even respond aloud to questions  I mentally ask myself.Is this a mild form of schizophrenia?
:We rehearse what we’ll say to someone we want to impress.We think up wittier replies for that recent conversation in which we failed to impress, and sometimes, like you, we solve problems.

So everybody have some weirdness in them,its all normal.Its upto you how to tackle it.If your weirdness take  serious root go and consult a doctor.


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