To diet, or not to diet?

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How do you find a health way of eating you can live with long-term?Experts suggest an inventory of physical and psychological factors, based on the following easy self exams:

The Glycaemic Index :

If you tend towards abdominal fat,crave stratches and sugars,and have a fasting blood sugar count of more than 100(routine blood test),says callaway, you may be insulin resistant.You’ll probably respond best to low-carb diet,because cutting back on simple carbohydrates-especially sugars and starches-can often help stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels.

The Exercise Equation :

Active people, consider a low-fat diet that includes complex carbs.”You need glycogen for atheletic performance,and it’s harder work for your body to take in lot of protien and convert it into glucose.One thing all resarchers are agreed on, however, is that everyone who wants to lose weight should get some exercise.people who exercise lose more fat and less muscle.The one similarity among dieters catalogued in the weight loss registry is that they all combined with regular exercise.

The Meal Monitor :

Do you hate breakfast? Avoind lunch?Skipping meals or undereating slows your metabolism and blurs the chemical signals for hunger and fullness.”You can stabilize your neuropeptide Y levels, the ‘hunger’chemical, by eating atleast a third of your calories at breakfast and another third at lunch,” says callaway.Complex carbs are good especially in the day.They rev up the metabolism,replenish the body’s need for glyogen and they digest slowly, which keeps your feeling full longer.

The Broccoli Barometer :

What foods do you love or hate?You can’t dis regard this factor or you’ll never be able to live with your diet.vegetarians, for instance, will have a hard time following Atkins because of its reliance on meat. You’ll do better with a calorie controlled,low fat diet that allows fruits, vegetables and complex carbs.On the other hand if you’d rather give up pasta then steak, pick a low carbon option. The all or Nothing question : Some people do best depriving themselves of food they crave, so they aren’t tempted, which may be why some bread and cereal lovers are convertto a low carb plan.

The Stress Test :

If you feel hungry often and like to snack,consider a low-energy-density plan.It is a saying “People eat until they are satisfied or full.”

The convenience Quiz :

The Mayo clinic is also studying a slim-fast-based diet to see if busy people will do better on a simple, ready-made plan.If you want a no-brainer diet, a meal replacement regimen or a system like Jenny Craig’s-one that selivers nutritious portion-controlled food-could be right for you.Also remember that gender makes a difference too.Men tend to have easier time losing weight because they usually have lean muscle mass.which means they burn more calories.This could be frustrating, if a couple diet together and he loses weight faster.

Sucessful dieters follow 4 rulesin their maintenance phase:
-Eat breakfast.
-Eat a calorie aware,low fat diet that involves complex carbs.
-get plenty of exercise,mainly walk.
-Self monitor through frequent weigh-ins.


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