Spelling in English

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Although English is a mixture of many different base languages there are a few spelling rules that can assist in the correct spelling of words. It must be remembered however that not all words will follow the rules and these exceptions are referred to as irregular words. You can improve your spelling by improving your study method. Try the following method to learn to spell new words. You can also improve your spelling by thoroughly learning certain common but frequently misspelled words.

You’ll Need:

·                                Reader

·                                Spelling list


Look at the printed word and say it aloud. Then say it again, pronouncing each syllable correctly. With the words that have silent letters, once you learn them your mind will include them in the shape but exclude the sound, such is the wonder of the human brain.


Picture the word in your mind, try to visualize the shape of the word. Avoid looking at the printed word on the page. Try to visualize the word letter by letter. Imagine it is like a city skyline, each word has its own shape. After you learn to do this you will find that you do it automatically whenever a word is spoken or heard, making spelling very easy.


Look at the printed word again, and write it two or three times. Then write the word without looking at the printed spelling. Check your spelling. Did you spell the word correctly? If not, repeat each step until you can spell the word easily.

Tips & Warnings

·                                 Keep a list of new words

·                                 Make up sentences with the new words.


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