The Story of Us

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Almost three years ago I met you. It was a wonderful night with butterflies in my tummy as I left the train to find you in the sea of people in the station.

There across the room was the most beautiful man I had ever laid my eyes on. The gentleness you showed me through the entire night was like no other. As I left you that evening I knew it was not the last time we would be together.

I was right, the very next weekend I picked you up at the train station and off we drove to enjoy our first of many weekends. We saw each other every weekend from that moment on, you never missed a one, even when you was sick with the flu you came and I cared for you and made you as comfortable as possible.

In August after you finsihed your MBA we moved in together. There were trips to Niagara and driving the boat down the Eerie canal, picnics on the shore and romance by camp fire light. Good wine and wonderful memories.

A job you got with many hours of presentation practice and many words from me on how you will suceed. Driving you to Newton for months but enjoying each day with dropping you off and then seeing your face when I came to scoop you up and bring you home.

Next came you learning to drive. Many hours was spent making sure you would pass with your first try, and you did. You learned and acheived so much in such a short time.

You decided it was time for us to enter a new home. My studio was small and we needed more space, so off we went in search of that special place for our life together. You told me from the start it was you and me forever! I had no reason not to believe you, you were and are to this day my best friend. The love of my life, my knight in shining armor protecting me from the horror that lerks just outside the door.

Our new place became our haven. The place we spent many days and time together. The palace we had made and noone could come into our world and tear us apart. Instead of a child we adopted a small black kitten who also had noone to love her. She has become like our baby, we both love her so very much and she also loves us. Our world was complete. We are in love and thats all that mattered, or so I thought.

In three days everything we have worked for and built has been distroyed. Now I am too old for you, now it is time for you to pick that Indian bride your parents deem fit. Now it is time to leave me completely alone in this world as you persue what you have been told is what you are supposed to do.

As I sit here, alone, and try to figure out how such power can be given from half way around the world, I find my world and my life has come crumbling down around me. How much can I take. How to I put the pieces of my broken heart back together and move on in this world without you, the one man I total gave my heart, my life and build my entire world around.

How can you look at me and say those things to me? How can you say you love me in one second and the next say I am too old for you to continue being with me? How can you give up on us? How can you make all the decisions of our life together in three days when it took us three years to build this place of love and security?

You left me here in this place that is cold,dark and empty. A place foreign to me that I can’t seem to get out of. Where is my knight who swept me off my feet and brought me to a place that I felt loved,safe,happy and secure?


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