Speaking Presentations in Junior High

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At school being asked to research and present an oral presentation is part and parcel of growing up. It provides the student with self confidence and enables them to feel comfortable in a public setting. Along with giving a speech a visual representation of what you are talking about is always very helpful and will go a long way to maintaining audience interest in your presentation.

You’ll Need:

·                                Prepared text of your speech

·                                Pictures to present

·                                Overhead Projector or PowerPoint display.


Begin with the introduction. If you were doing a presentation about yourself you should begin with your name and age and then your parents and speak about them, then come back to your own situation.


Present the body of your presentation, that is tell the audience about the things you like to do, your ambitions and some of your accomplishments.


Bring your family into the talk and explain what kinds of things you all do for holidays etc. How you like to spend your leisure time, fishing, hunting, sports. Some people might think this is saying too much about yourself, but you don’t need to go into the very personal aspects of your life.


Conclude your presentation with your own feelings, what you enjoy, maybe recommendations about your situation and your plans for the future after school is finished.


Make a recommendation for any new people who may not know about your district, as this adds to the appeal of your presentation, and subsequent grade.


·                                 Use palm cards

·                                 Use brief notes on Palm cards

·                                 Don’t try to read the whole presentation from them


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