Celebrating the month of June in North America

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June is bright with color and new life!

The month of June in the northern hemisphere is when summertime is in full swing and weather begins to get hotter. With warmer weather comes bright new life in birds, animals, flowers, trees, gardens, and even people!

New life:
June brings much new life on the scene, especially in areas where winter forces life to slow to a crawl and even to hibernation in some cases.

June’s warmth brings out the new flock of sparrows and other birds. And, by June, hummingbirds have returned from their far southern migrations.

June blossoms and boasts fresh greenery in plants, trees and shrubs of all kinds. And June ushers in the official first day of Summer!

Wedding vows:
June gets its name from Juno, Roman goddess of marriage. It’s no wonder that so many couples choose June to take that step to matrimonial bliss, among the new life and fresh flowers and new hopes all around!

Since most school children end their school year in June, it is often chosen for family vacations, day trips, beach or park visits, and other outdoor activities.

Swimming, boating, jet-skiing, water-skiing, hiking, and climbing are popular in some areas. Other areas might find hang-gliding, mountain trekking, biking, and horseback riding to be most popular.

Since June days in the northern hemisphere claim title to the longest days of the year, it is not surprising that life during June perks up and makes hay while the sun shines!

Special June Days (US):
June brings a few special days, including Father’s Day, Flag Day, Summer Solstice, to mention just a few.

But, June doesn’t even need special days, since every day in June holds promise to be special to each of us as individuals, as does every day of the year!

June Birthstone:
Sometimes, we might like to associate something with a particular time of year; for example, we know that the pearl is the birthstone for the month of June; thus, we might opt to include pearls in a gift given during June. That is, if the expense is within the budget! Hmmm…wonder who came up with these birthstones anyway!?

Other June trivia:
In Texas, June 19th is called “Juneteenth”; a.k.a. Freedom Day or Emancipation Day.
In Hawaii, Kamehameha Day is celebrated on June 11th.
June 14th through July 4th are considered “Honor America Days”.
And, even Donald Duck’s birthday,June 9th, 1934!

Tips & Warnings

  • Enjoy your own June fun in the sun!
  • Live, laugh, love heartily during June!
  • Be careful outdoors, of course. It’s a wild world out there in many ways. Not only too much sun, surf and sneezing (allergies?), but also more activities, adventures and athletic mishaps (injuries?).
  • Be aware of, and prepare for weather warnings; ozone, heat index, thunderstorms, tornadoes, beach info, etc.

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