Identifying the Truth: Separating fact from fiction

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These days, with Internet and other information media spewing out all around us, each with its own “spin”, it is often very difficult to separate hype and propaganda from fact and truth.


Look closely for the real Truth!

What is the Truth?
With all the media engaged in so much hyping and propaganda, how is one to understand the real facts? Or, is it even important to understand them? Should we just “accept” what we are given as being Truth? Or, should we demand to know all the facts?

Part of the Paradox:
The way I see it, we are in a very convoluted paradox of various factions wanting various things, with regard to what information is passed along about certain events or issues, which may strongly impact other events or issues.


Ok…I know that sounds a little funky, but here’s what I mean:
When we hear news stories about certain events or issues, etc., we often hear only the parts that the media machine thinks will get the most attention and highest ratings; or that will bring in the most advertising revenue or other gain. If the news is not quite “spicy” or “juicy” enough, or not quite “close enough to home”, the media will find ways to embellish and enhance it so listeners, readers or watchers will get a twisted (“spun”) tale geared not to distributing the Truth, but geared rather to distributing the wealth. Therein lies the paradox: Truth demands basic, factual distribution of data and information; nothing more, nothing less. When the Truth threatens to negatively impact the bottom line (i.e., the wealth part), the Truth is modified so it positively impacts the bottom line.

How to separate fact from fiction:
So, how do we separate the Truth from all the fluff? Very good question, and one that is not easily answered in just a few words. Being able to discern Truth from non-Truth is perhaps a lifelong learning lesson, and some of us might never really get it, unfortunately.


Shine the Light on it!

In my opinion, Truth is identifiable by the following concepts:

1. Truth is believable.
2. Truth is conceivable.
3. Truth is backed up with fact.
4. Truth is backed up with evidence.
5. Truth is unembellished.
6. Truth is unenhanced.
7. Truth is receivable.
8. Truth is simple.
9. Truth is real.
10.Truth is honorable.

It doesn’t sound easy!
No…it isn’t. Because, indeed, some of the points above even come under similar “spin” threat, such as the “fact” and “evidence”: they will only be as “true” as those compiling the reports and news items allow them to be. Likewise with “embellishments” and “enhancements”; it is hard to differentiate between actual, factual Truth and Truth which has been even slightly modified, for any reason.


Spin Magician!

Although Truth in things like the news and our everyday social and business activities is not easy to keep in check, we all can become more aware of just how easy it is to muddle with the Truth for whatever purposes, by those inclined to do so. When those purposes are associated with and driven by money or other gain, there is danger of exploitation and ultimately of delivering un-Truths as a general routine.

I believe it is up to each of us to discern for ourselves. And, I think it is up to each of us to do our part to promote Truth in our own little circles. And to question things that just don’t sound quite right. And to let our leaders know we demand “nothing but the Truth; so help us God!”

Tips & Warnings

  • “The Truth will set you free!”(JC)
  • Truth needs no “spin”!
  • Check multiple sources, for cross-referencing.
  • Watch, read and listen carefully–between all the lines of fluff!

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