Get Those Weight Loss Goals in Order

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Ok so the New Year is upon us and invariably you like me and many others start with the first goal for the New Year and that is to lose weight.  Shocker right?  Well this year make your weight loss goal stick so you can achieve it.

The first mistake many people make when it comes to losing weight and sticking to that goal and New Year’s resolution is they make it impractical or so far out of reach that most people will give up.  Start with both a short term goal and a long range goal.  This way by meeting your short term goals it will keep the long range goal in perspective.  For example let’s say your long range goal is to lose 25 pounds by the end of the year, your short term goal could be to lose one pound every two weeks.  Do you see how much more manageable that is?  If you are hitting your short term goals then you will hit that long range goal.

Now that you have those goals of what you want to accomplish don’t forget to write them down so you can refer to them.  It’s not good enough to just “have them in your head”.  You must put them down on paper so you can refer to them.  When you achieve a short term goal then you can check it off and mark the date you achieved it.  Writing things down builds accountability and if you can’t be accountable to yourself then who can you be accountable towards.

With your goals in place and the journal you are going to keep so you can write them down and check them off, now write down exactly how you are going to get there.  This is a step by step approach to achieving your goals.  You could write down that you will eat 6 healthy meals each day and then as you eat each meal you can check them off.  By checking off each step you are moving closer to your short term goal which moves you closer to your long term goal.  Do you see how this works? 

By breaking your goals into more manageable steps and following those steps your chances for success increase dramatically.  You can use this technique not only for your weight loss goals but for any other goal that you set as well.

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