Recognizing good and evil: Not rocket science, but tricky!

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Recognizing Good and Evil

Looking around these days, I’m sorry to say that, in my opinion, our world is in sad condition with regard to overall human cooperation and unity toward the good of all. I wonder if the evil outweighs the good?

What is Good?

Paul McCartney wrote “God is Good, without an ‘o'”. True enough; thanks, Paul. I suppose we can then say that they are one and the same. That which is good is of God; that which is of God is good.

What is Evil?

Paul McCartney also wrote “The Devil is Evil, with a ‘D'”. Again, true. So, that which is evil is of the Devil; that which is of the Devil is evil.

What if we don’t believe in God or the Devil?

Whether or not one believes in God or the Devil in the context we might have been taught about them, we know there are positive and negative forces at work all around us; otherwise, where does the very differentiation of good and evil arise?

It is not quite as simple as positive or negative forces at work in random fashion, I don’t think. I believe we are all attuned to a Universal set of forces which exist in another realm we humans have difficulty understanding.

The Universal forces are available to all that seek them out. They do not hide; rather, they are everywhere that we, ourselves, are; for they are even within us.

Sound too simplistic?

It IS simplistic. It is the simplistic notion that simple positive and negative forces; good and evil forces; are there to help or hinder in our attempts to find true peace and joy and happiness and fulfillment of our purpose in life.

I owe it to myself and to society at large to always seek out positive things, good things, so I will have the forces of good supporting and helping me. I believe we all owe the same thing, if we are going to learn how to exist in harmony and peace.

May Go(o)d Bless All!

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