Sinus Pain Remedy

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Have you ever been plagued by sinus pain? If you have then you know it can be very unpleasant, it keeps you awake, and it tends to be worse when you bend over. I used to regularly have these attacks of sinus pain all the time when I was in my 20s, but I found a way to cure myself of the occurrences. Anyone who has access to a supply of Eucalyptus leaves has a ready-made remedy at their hands.

Things You’ll Need:

                       Eucalyptus Tree or

                       Eucalyptus oil or essence

                       A small pot

                       Boiling water


Boil about a quart of water in the pot or pour about a quart of boiling water into a bowl.


Place the eucalyptus leaves, a couple of hands full of them at least into the water and allow to stand for a few minutes. The aim is to produce a strong smell of eucalyptus from the boiling water.


If you do not have readily available eucalyptus leaves, you can use a few drops of eucalyptus essence. This is usually available at drug or natural remedy stores.


Place a towel over the back of your head and breathe in the eucalyptus-smelling steam from the bowl until your sinus pain disappears. Continue to breath in the vapor until the pain has dissipated.


                        California, and Israel have many transplanted eucalyptus trees from Australia

                        Most drug stores will have eucalyptus essence or oils.

                        Eucalyptus leaves that are softer and give off more aroma are more effective.

                        This is a home remedy, see a doctor if pain persists.


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