Relieve Neck & Back Pain

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Back and Neck pain can be symptomatic of other problems in the body but some things can be done that will ensure a good posture and relieve the back pain itself. Pain is usually the result of stressing a muscle some way that it is not meant to be positioned. Simple problems can be fixed easily because the body is resilient and providing the means allows the body to fix itself. Thre are some simple steps to follow to achieve relief.

You’ll Need:

                       A flat surface

                       An orthopedic pillow


Obtain an orthopedic pillow. Drugstores usually have orthopedic pillows and these need to be firm and preferably made of some sort of foam like temper material. The pillow needs to be able to support and apply pressure on the spine gently.


Place the pillow under your neck with the slight bulge at the rear of the neck. Lie on your back with the top of your spine on the raised portion of the pillow.


Lie on your back with your neck on the pillow without moving with the bulge of the pillow exerting gentle pressure against your upper spine until you feel yourself starting to feel sleepy.


Roll over onto the side that is comfortable for you and this will exert the same gentle pressure on the side of your spine at the top, and this will gently realign the spine.


Do the same on the other side by rolling over as required.


                        Make gentle movements.

                        Check with a medical professional if pain persists.

                        Don’t jerk your neck in rapid movements.


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