The Internet is here to stay – how to appreciate it

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The Internet has certainly been one of the most “world-changing” phenomena to come along…without a doubt! The Internet has changed the world in so many ways, I know I couldn’t begin to list them all!

What immediately comes to mind is the way it has brought “general information” much closer and much sooner, to all of us. No longer does one have to visit a public library to learn about new things, or to do research on a particular subject. Now, with the Internet, one can learn much more and much quicker, with a few clicks of the mouse…in the comfort of home! Likewise, no longer does one have to wait for the 6:00 News for updates on current events; now, one can get information AT ANY TIME, ABOUT ANY THING!

Also, “shopping” on the Internet has changed the way we research, evaluate, compare and select many products and services we purchase. Indeed, one can literally “shop” at dozens of stores within a matter of minutes on the Internet…and can see the ‘side-by-side’ comparisons in one view! Try doing that at any Mall or shopping center! Furthermore, if you decide to purchase online, your product will be delivered to your door…no need to drive somewhere to find, evaluate and pick up many purchased items anymore…if you so choose.

In addition, the Internet has opened up whole new worlds of communication tools, including this forum at, where people from all walks of life and from all parts of the world can come together to discuss, debate, share and learn new things. Where there’s acceptance and tolerance of individual points of view and virtually ‘anything goes’ (within guidelines, of course!).

Moreover, the Internet has forever changed the way business and industry operates. No longer is it even necessary (in some cases) for all employees of some companies to “report” to a particular ‘place of business’…many employees now “work from home” for companies all around the globe.

The Internet has also provided some “not-so-wonderful” things, as we all know, but I’m sure that’s how these things work. When something as powerful as the Internet comes along, everyone wants a piece of the action, including those with devious and otherwise unwelcome intentions or attributes. It becomes our own personal decision as to how we utilize the Internet…just like most things in life! ‘Discretion’ and ‘caution’ are the keywords, I guess.

I know the Internet has certainly changed MY life! And, I don’t know anyone who would be able to say different…even if they don’t “participate” or use the Internet themselves. After all, virtually everything has been touched in some way by the Internet, so it’s impossible to escape it! Might as well learn to enjoy it!

Happy surfing!


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