Prayer: It is free; it is effective; it is powerful!

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How To Pray: One View

Prayer is available to everyone; totally free of charge (no “per minute” or “per month” fees!). Prayer is that nebulous place where we all get to open up our secrets, our fears, our hopes, our souls to the Ultimate Powers of the Universe; to God and all His Grace.

Rocket Science? Hardly. Prayer is likely one of the easiest things we humans can “re-learn”, since it is an innate knowledge or wisdom we are given as Children of God; as potentially consummate results of a Plan begun eons ago.

Can we really connect with God? Yes. That’s the simple answer, as I see it. Can I prove that to anyone? Probably not, but then again, I’m not trying to prove anything; rather, I’m just trying to offer a bit of hope and help if I can.

OK, how is it done? First of all, please understand this is MY opinion and MY personal understanding based on MY experiences. As with anything as personal as prayer, each experience will vary according to individuals; but the simplicity and natural affinity will eventually become second nature and part of every moment of existence.

Isn’t prayer by memory? Not as I understand it. Prayer is much easier than that, I believe, since I think it is something we have capacity for already; we just need to settle down and rekindle that spark, to open the lines of communication.

OK…what’s the secret? That’s just it; there are no secrets to prayer. Since the ability is innate (in my opinion), it is ready to use anytime, anywhere, by anyone. And, there are no “dropped-calls” (unless WE end the discussion), there are no garbled phrases (unless WE can’t express ourselves), there are no limitations on time (unless WE impose one), and there are plenty of rewards, instead of penalties or payments.

So, the method? Well, I know it varies by individual, but to me, prayer is simply a conversation with God. An open, heartfelt, two-way (yes) communication with the Powers of Creation itself.

What to say? Of course, this also varies by individual, and there are no standard words, as I understand prayer. Rather, prayer is merely that quiet place we go to where we really do get to open up our souls to the Powers that can help us most. Talk about fears, doubts, confusion; talk about hope, trust, love; talk about thanks, gratitude, appreciation; talk about mercy, forgiveness, acceptance; talk about grace, virtue, salvation; talk about needs, wants, desires; talk about anything at all.

That’s it? Almost. There’s also the “listening” side of the conversation. After all, true, effective communication can only take place when there is that endless loop of understanding between the communicators. Listening is perhaps the hardest part of prayer, since it requires a bit more from us. We must get truly quiet within ourselves in order to hear what is given to us to hear. It is the listening which brings the rewards, and it is the listening which brings the results; since it is the listening where we gain wisdom and knowledge from the source of all Truth. And, if we ask for anything, believing without doubting, in Jesus Christ’s name, He promised we’d receive it.



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