Autumn in New England: Take time to appreciate Nature’s glory!

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Autumn in New England

Autumn in New England is a glorious experience!  Folks come from everywhere to view the wonderfully colored landscape of hills and valleys scattered throughout Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island; the six original New England States.

“Leaf peepers”, as those who make the annual autumn trek through the New England countryside are affectionately called, are a group of people seemingly in a category of their own.  Not everyone finds autumn foliage as spiritually gratifying as true “leaf peepers”.  They shoot hundreds of pictures to capture the unique images of God’s paintbrush, as the Autumn colors dapple the land.  Many New England small towns and villages rely heavily on these returning customers each year.

Leaf peeping in New England begins as early as August in some of the northern New England areas; especially in higher elevations.  Slowly but surely, the landscape takes on ever growing splashes of red, gold, yellow, orange, brown, and shades and degrees of each, as the colors move from north to south from August through October and sometimes even into November before the trees become the familiar skeletons of winter.


One of the nicest things about leaf peeping is that there are no real rules or guidelines; no specific routes or routines; no fixed schedules or deadlines.  Leaf peeping is one of those “anything goes” kind of activities which can be tailored to one’s own particular preferences.

Some folks like to travel far north early in the autumn season so they can follow the colors back home somewhere farther south.  Those would be the retired people with lots of time on their hands, mostly. Others will make a weekend excursion to a B&B in a quaint village where the colors have begun to show. They will enjoy the crisp, fresh air as they walk from their B&B to the local breakfast diner for a traditional New England country breakfast.

Still others prefer to just take day trips; perhaps to an apple farm where they may pick their own bag of fresh, juicy, organically grown MacIntosh or other delectable apples.

New England autumn foliage is always a sight to appreciate, and it is always worth a few gallons of gas and a few hours time to enjoy a leisurely country drive, pretty much anywhere throughout the New England area during the peak leaf peeping season.  And, luckily, it is the kind of thing one can enjoy over and over until the season passes…and no two journeys will be alike!


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