Higher Google Page Rank Equals Increased Web Traffic

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When it comes to increasing the number of visits your web site receives the first place to look is trying to get your web site appear higher on Google (as well other search engines) search rankings.  Accomplishing higher Google search rankings is accomplished in two ways.  The first way is keyword placement, in other words is what the person is searching for exist on your web site, and the other is increasing your Google Page Rank.  This article will address the latter.

The Google Page Rank is the ranking system that Google uses in order to determine the importance of a web site.  By using this system Google is able to index every web site on the Internet and return their results as fast as they do.

The ranking goes from 0 through 10 with 10 being the highest.  Obviously the higher you rank the closer to the top of search results your web site will appear.

This ranking is based on a number of factors but the most important of which is your site’s popularity.  In other words how many other web site’s are pointing back to your site as a means for information.  For example, take the NY Times newspaper’s web site.  They currently have a Google Page Rank of 9.  If you were to do a search on “NY Times” you will see literally thousands of results.  That is because it is mentioned by a lot of different websites.

Google looks extremely favorable upon web sites that have a lot of other sites pointing back to it.  You need to increase your site’s Google Page Rank by increasing your site’s popularity.  This can be done in a few ways.

The first way is to exchange links with other sites.  In other words you contact a web site and ask if they will put a link on their site pointing to you if you do the same for them.  This practice is called a reciprocal link exchange.

The second way is to write articles on the topic of your website and put a link to your site in the article’s resource box.  You then submit your article to various article directories such as Bukisa (my favorite), Dashboard or Ezine.  Your articles are then picked up by bloggers who post it on their websites, links and all.  This helps build one way links, which Google looks upon more favorably than reciprocal links.

A third way is to partake in discussions that are related to your web site on various message boards and social networks.  Usually they allow you to have a signature line.  In that signature line you can put a link to your web site with a short description so readers of your posts can click to find out what you are all about.

These are just three of the many ways you can increase your Google Page Rank.  If you aren’t implementing them yet, you really should be.

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