Sweet NightCap Can’t Go Without!

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This a fave around my house my children love it, in fact they whine for it at times, and you know what? There is no guilt here because it is good for them, and no sugar is added I came across this by experimenting with what I had in my kitchen. Ya for me!!! I am a mother always looking for healthy alternatives for my children. This recipe is quick, easy, and so yummy. You and whom ever else you choose to serve this to is in for a nice relaxing treat this recipe is full of tryptophan which is known to help elevate your mood help get rid of insomnia, and stave off depression.

all you need is

medium pan/whisk or fork/ cups/ pure vanilla extract if you have it/ cinnamon/ frozen berrys/ and milk

Heat your milk (about 16 oz for 2 cups) in the medium pan at a medium heat stirring occasionally. Watch it because it can easily boil over…

once it starts to rise ( about 4 minutes) turn the heat off and whisk the milk either with a whisk or a fork so that it gets a little frothy

add about a tsp of vanilla/ 2 pinches of cinnamon to the mixture

In your cups (no plastic) put about 5 to 6 berries in each. I used blueberry and rasberry for mine

on top add another pinch of cinnamon to each cup and you have a super yummy night cap.

P.S I used frozen berries (no added sugar) they acted as flavorful ice cubes it’s a sweet alternative without the added sugar.

Cinnamon  is an excellent source for  Manganese which is known for maintaining the health of the nerves, protecting our cells from free radical damage, aids our body in synthisization of cholesterol, Maintains normal blood sugar levels,  keeps your bones strong and healthy, it also Promotes the optimal  functions of the thyroid gland.

Great reasons to have this tasty treat.

Enjoy!! To Great Health…


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