Sauteed Chicken and Asparagus

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This is a super low fat, full of nutrients, and yummy meal to prepare full of tryptophan, protein, thiamin, vitamin k, folic acid and so much more enjoy this 7 minute meal by yourself or with others. It is great for the winter months when our sleep pattens can be a little off and seritonin is lacking from lack of sun.  Food is the best way to fill the body with the building blocks for great health and well being. When we understand what goes into our bodys functions and what we need in order to thrive we become better stuwarts towards maitnence of nurturing our God given bodies. Enjoy this recipe I have…

Preheat your pan so that it locks in the juices in the chicken

Press and or chop you garlic and set it aside for 5

Bring 2 tbs chicken broth to a nice boil over medium heat in your stainless steel skillet of castiron

Rub chicken breast together with lemon juice , salt and pepper then cut the chicken into cubes

When broth is steaming and bubbling place your chicken in the skillet cook and stir frequently for about 3 minutes

Add your asparagus and 1 tbs broth to your chicken, cover it, and cook for another 4 minutes stir occasionally

Then splash with garlic, 1tbs lemone juice, pepper, salt and extra virgin olive oil

You can add soy sause, ginger and rice vinegar with some white pepper instead of black if your into a more Asian flavor.

I encourage you to read my article “Quit Trippen on Tryptophan and just eat it” This article gives a much broader idea of what tryptophan is good for.


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