What’s Your Cash Style?

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What’s your spending habit? Are you frugal or frivolous? Did you know that our financial personality is a major factor in how you use your money? The value of your $1 maybe as same as other’s, but differs on how you spend it.

The laid-back payer – as much as the name suggests, persons fall under this category always blame the overwhelm workload as an excuse to pay the bills late. The real thing is, they fail to pay bills the minute they arrive because much of the money have been spent at other things like clothes, shoes, and handbags. When going out with this kind of person, watch out as they probably will be asking you to lend them some money during their dry spell.

The accountant – they track their finances with software and a ledger book. They won’t go shopping without making a constructed list and will not buying anything out of the list. They won’t spend a single cent until all their bills and payments are paid.

The impetuous spender – people fall under this category will go out shopping without a list. Excessive or compulsive spending also known as shopaholism can lead to financial disaster. They’ll go shop till drop in an attempt to escape from their problems. If they spot something in the store that attracts them, they will just buy it without having a second thought.

The borrower – they can happily leave home without their wallet and have no shame in borrowing large sums of money from their friends to get through the day. Even worse, they forget to pay back the next time they have the wallet.

The petty miser – they are so meticulous with their money, but not so if using other people’s money. They complaint about additional charge when drawing cash from another bank’s ATM. If you’re going to have a date with him or her, it will be more than likely you’ll end up paying for the whole bill. In simple words, they put a strangle-hold on their money.

The free gift buyer – nothing entice them more than free gifts and reward points. There’s no way they’re going to spend on some items without their bonus card being swiped.  They might be buying unnecessary items in order to collect those points.

The selfless shopper – they’ve been wearing the same clothes since the last year. Much of their hard-earned money has been spent on gifts for everyone. Friends are taking him or her for granted. Your personality is a major factor on how you manage your money.


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