Best way to loose wieght fast

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So im guessing you want to loose wieght.

Well I lost 15 pounds by a few easy tips.

1) Try eating 60% of your meal content to be fruits, veggies and dairy.

2) Cut down on the meat!  Meat is a good source of protien(although im vegetarian), however one of the main reasons people are chubby, or over wieght is because they eat to much meat.

3) Beverages:  Drink at least 2 glasses of green tea a day with meals(breakfast and dinner, if you want lunch). It speeds up your matabolism and has many health benefits(i know people who have lost 20 pounds just from green tea). When you arent drinking tea DRINK water. A diet soda is occansianlly ok maybe one once a month. P.S-drink natural green tea, no sugar!

4) exercise: Because many people live such busy lives try to follow a schdule like this for exercising each week:

day one- 15 min jog or fast walk

day two-rest

day three- tone(such as squats and leg lifts and push ups)

day four- rest

day five- jog or walk(cardio)

day six- rest

day seven- tone

Following this exercise schdule helps your body have a break every other day and the cardio helps you loose the wieght and increase your matabolism, while the toning helps you tone your body. If you want to loose wieght even faster  you can increase your exercise, but this schdule is for the common person.

Good luck I wish you all the best 🙂


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