Earn Your Respect

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Earning a respect from people around you; workmates, schoolmates, colleagues, or subordinates is not as hard as you might think. To be comfortable with your self is the single most important step to go about it. Each individual has its own personality types. People are made up of a wide range of personalities; extroverts, introverts, shy, reserved, outgoing, expressive, offensive, defensive and many more. Here are some useful tips on how to garner admiration and respect from people around you.

Learn to speak properly and convincingly. Yes, it sounds very typical but did you know that they way you speak, whether you’re mumbling or yammering could make you a laughing stock among your friends especially behind your back. Practice speaking clearly and do not stutter.

Be punctual. People admire those who are very punctual and precise about time. If you don’t have a watch, go buy yourself a watch.  Respect for other people’s time as well as yours is very important. Bear in mind that people hate waiting.

Change your wardrobe. Lashing out on an expensive Armani suit might boost your credibility instantly, as long as you comfortable to pull it off. Be confident in your choice of style and shape. Get a proper hair cut. Experiment a bit with colors in your clothing. Colors follow the changes of the emotions according to the great Pablo Picasso. Colors impact moods, feelings, and behaviors. For example, orange is considered energetic and excitement and it is often used to draw attention.

How about losing some weight? Losing weight can make you feel better. Remember, the first thing you should do before everybody can respect you is learn to appreciate and love yourself. First impressions are derived from your outer appearance. Hit the gym, swim, run up the hills, and skip junk food.

Keep your temper in check. It’s important to control your emotions from being too expressive about it. If someone at your office is trying to irk you off, try to ignore him or her, walk away and do something else. If you still feel the need to defend yourself, pull the person from the crowd and talk and argue privately.

Watch your body language. As one research has shown, nodding your head while talking instill confidence and self-assurance. It reflects to other people that you are certain and confident about your thoughts. On the same note, a firm handshake will convince people that you are warm person who’s worth listening to.

Respect yourself before others can respect you. All of the above tips seem so common, but if taken seriously, can make a whole lot difference from the old you to the new you.


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