I Hate it When…

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You have a friend for a long time that you even consider your best friend and they place you at the bottom of their priorities. Why? Because the don’t call you anymore. Even though you pick up all their calls and listen to all their troubles. I’ve gone through some sad and depressing times as all of us may sometimes experience, and not having someone to talk to and listen to me just plain out sucks! Well guess what? I’m tired of being the best friend I can be. I realize I deserve better.

I dont know what happens to me with people but after a while I just get tired of them. I got tired of my formey gay best friend because he got too fake. (His idol was Paris Hilton) I got tired of my first bff in high school cause she was a dramatic cliche slut who was always after a different guy. (and couldn’t get any of them either). I realized I’m too much of a good person. I have good grades, I don’t and have never done ANY drugs. I don’t smoke. Al that good stuff. And these people have taken away from me. In all diferent aspects.

My former gay friend made me a snotty bitch. My bff in freshmen year almost made me a boy crazy little slut, and this former best friend who I started to talk about loved to talk crap about EVERYONE, not to mention she was a very insecure person with very very low self-esteem. So in trying not to bore you I must conclude that all these people have taken away from me, not ADDED to me. (anything good that is) So I put a stop to it. I don’t want anything else to do with friends who really aren’t friends. I deserve better. And I will FIND better. As for now I’m proud to say I am my own best friend. I am the only person I trust more than anybody in this world. I am the only person who knows every secret, ever dream, insecurity, regret & mistake I have made. Who better then? ME.


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