Laptop Buying Guide

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Laptop Buying Guide

When it comes to computers, I believe that I am an expert.  You may ask yourself what makes me an expert? I really don’t have a good answer for that. What I can tell is that since I was a little kid, I have always had a fascination with computers even when I did not have one. When it comes to computers, I can devour the information like no tomorrow. One thing you need to know about me is that when my family or friends need computer help, they usually come crawling to me for help.

What are the Reasons Behind People Wanting Laptops?

For some its because they like to travel with and others its because they just like them. Personally, I do like laptops better. Why do I like laptops? I like them because I can travel with it if I need to or I can be up on my bed with it. I like those kind of options. With having wireless internet, I can be anywhere in the house and still be able to be online. Years ago it was not this way, but with all these changes, it helps everyone to do what they need to do.

What Kind of User Are You?

Now for the nitty Gritty. No matter if you are a desktop user or a laptop user, you need to know what type of user you are so that we can figure out what type of computer you need. Take me for example, I am no casual user at all. I’m the type of computer user that pushes the computer to its max because of everything I do. Yes I write, but I am also a gamer and along with being a graphics artist and webdesigner.

When buying a laptop, you really do need to know what type of user you are so that we can actually find the right laptop for you. For me, I’d have to be on the higher end of the spectrum, but for someone who just uses the computer for email and writing, they don’t need the higher end laptops. I’d prefer a desktop replacement that has a 17-inch screen than have one that does not have a decent size screen.

Service Plans

Now for most may think those service plans are a waste of money. For most things they are, but when it comes to laptops they are not. I’d make sure you have a service plan that covers spill protection. It would save you a lot of problems later on even if you are like me who does not keep liquids to close to the computer, but accidents still happen. It’s better safe then sorry. I learned from experience from that.

Some Other Things to Keep in Mind!!!

You’ve heard of 32 and 64 bit processing. 64-bit is where we are heading toward, but have not headed into that direction fully yet. When it comes to windows based computers, find out which version of windows you getting. Are you getting a 32-bit or a 64-bit. If you are getting a computer that has 4gb of memory and is only running a 32-bit version of windows, you are not getting a good deal. If you are going to have a computer with 4gb of ram, you need a 64-bit version of windows to take advantage of the extra memory. 32-bit processing only works up to 4gb or ram. You will not notice any difference with 4gb unless you have a native 64-bit computer like I have at this writing.


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