Save Money on Household Items

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Milk is so expensive, so in a lot of my cooking I will substitute non-dairy creamer. Just mix ½ cup non-dairy creamer with ½ cup hot water and use in anything that calls for milk! It also makes a delicious cream gravy. This is a real money saver!

Use baking soda instead of toothpaste, to save moneymag-glass_10x10.gif . The baking soda effectively cleans your teeth as well as freshens your breath, for a fraction of the cost of toothpaste. About 49 cents for a good size box!

Save money on trash bags. The plastic grocery bags from your local grocery store make great waste paper basket liners! They are the perfect size for small trash cans. Just tie the handles together when they are full and toss in the dumpster.

I like to keep a spray bottle filled with a mixture of 1 part bleach to 3 parts water by the sink for those little spills that inevitably happen. The bleach in the water disinfects as well as cleans and is a lot more inexpensive than pre-made cleaners such as Windex or Clorox disinfecting spray.

For the cat lovers. To save money on cat litter, buy the least expensive brand and add a box of baking soda to the bottom of the litter box before adding the litter. The cheap litter + the baking soda is about $3.00 for 20 pounds as compared to the more expensive brands which will cost you any where from $7.00 up for the same amount. The cheaper brand + baking soda is just as effective

To save money on gas, combine grocery shopping, paying bills, visiting and any other errands in one trip . Plan ahead and make one trip to do it all.


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