Living With Alcoholism

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If you are living with alcoholism, you must learn to listen. Be careful with your comments, as you do not know how they will be perceived.

Try your best to avoid confrontation. Agree with what the inebriated person has to say. Your words may be used to your disadvantage at any given moment.

Never confront, on any given subject, this cannot be stressed enough. The alcoholic will turn on you, at the drop of a hat. Learn to expect the unexpected.

Above all else, never take to heart what an alcoholic may say. The alcohol that is in their bloodstream takes over all form of reasoning, it distorts their thoughts to the effect that you can not believe anything that comes from their mouth. They speak to hurt.

Be careful, with what you say.

Never criticize.

Never, never refer to their excessive drinking. This is very important. The alcoholic will take it as a personal insult, as to their inability to control the amount of alcohol that they drink. Which of course they cannot.


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