Living On A Fixed Income

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Make a list of grocery items that you need from the store, and stick to that list. Cut out impulse spending. If you don’t need it, don’t buy it. You will be surprised at how much money you can save, and how much easier it will be to live on a fixed income , by just buying needed items.

Cut back on utility bills, by turning off lights when they are not needed. You only need a light burning in the room in which you are in at the time, and you really don’t need a 100 watt bulb either, a 40 watt bulb will be sufficient for lighting purposes.

Cut back on heating bills by setting back the thermostat to a lower setting and layering clothes to keep warm. You could also keep a comfy blanket to cover with, while watching TV, or close off all the rooms and use a space heater during the day to save on heating bills.

Another way to cut back on heating and cooling bills, to help you live easier on a fixed income , is to cover your windows with a heavy plastic, to keep out drafts. This works especially well in the winter months, when the cold wind blows in through every crack and crevice.

Limit your trips to town to once a week. Multi task on your trips to town. Pay bills, buy groceries, make visits, refill prescriptions do all that can be done in one trip, to save on gas usage. If you could limit your trips into town to every two weeks, it would help you to live on a fixed income with greater ease.


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