The Aftermath of a Hurricane….Part 1

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Hurricanes define devastation. Your community looks like
Sodom The Day After.

You may have lost everything or very little of your material
possessions. You may have lost loved ones, pets. Most of
all, you have lost your sense of equilibrium.

You are going to be stressed to the maximum, even if you
don’t know it. Don’t go on as if ‘it’s okay’, it isn’t. Even
if you personally didn’t lose a thumbtack, just looking at
the mess outside is enough to send you into a soul deep

If you’ve been through it before, you know how to get to
a level of balance, if you have never experienced The Day
After, you are in for a double dose of what is called post
traumatic shock.

Recognise it.

Confront your stress as if it is a big monster in your
path. Let yourself feel the sense of devastation and
the strength of your survival.

If you ignore it, a few months down the road the stress
is going to send you into the hospital with all sorts of
symptoms and after you go through many unpleasant
tests which find nothing and deplete your bank account,
you will be diagnosed with stress.

So diagnose yourself now, recognise you have seen
death and survived.

This may sound ridiculous, but if you have survived a
hurricane, you will know what I’m talking about.

Now that we’ve dealt with the internal, let us move
to the external.

Electricity will be off for sometime. Depending on where
you live and what you have, how you get from today to
tomorrow is set.

There are those who cook on gas stoves and buy their
gas in metal cylinders. Hence, cooking will be unaffected.
Others may find themselves with a barbecue, and others
with wood fires.

Cooking over a fire is how our ancestors did it, and how
people do it in other parts of the world today. Many people
have no electricity or any other means of cooking.

Without electricity you often resort to candles. These can
be very dangerous especially when you aren’t accustomed
to them.

The best thing are those little candles in glass cups. Use
those instead of tapers, however, Never leave a candle
burning when you go to sleep. Ever.

Those who are accustomed to camping know how to make
a camp fire. This is where you make a circle of stones, build
the fire inside of it, some distance from anything that burns.

You can not have a candle, even in a glass, burning over
night. Anything can happen and will. Better to have a
flashlight beside you while you sleep with every fire

Mosquitos love hurricanes. They come out of wherever
they were and lay eggs like crazy. Clear your property
of anything that can contain water, even a piece of linoleum
can have a nice little sink which hold enough water for
mosquitos to open a maternity clinic.

Police your property, make sure there is nothing, not a tin
can, not a bottle cap, holding water.

When you catch water to bathe or flush a toilet or for any
purpose, put a little oil on top of it. You can use anything
from kerosine to cooking oil. Just a little makes a film and
prevents mosquitos from being able to lay their eggs.

Drinking water must be treated. Two drops of bleach into
a half gallon of water, let stand for thirty minutes. This works.

You don’t know what has fallen into your water supply, and
it is wise until you are certain, to treat your water.


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