Stay Faithful to Your Spouse

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In this day and age, you so often hear of marriages breaking up and leading to divorce. Many times this is due to the fact that one spouse or the other has been unfaithful. But, staying faithful is not that hard, when put into context. If you realize what you are doing to put yourself in the position to be unfaithful, the hard part is whipped. These tips will help you stay faithful to your spouse.

If you want to make a marriage work, and stay faithful, first you must be mature enough to get married. If you have any doubts, before saying I do…don’t. The doubts are a way of telling you that you are not ready for marriage, or perhaps this is not the right person to marry. Perhaps, the love is not strong enough within your heart for this person.

Do not flirt. You are married now. Think of how you would feel if you caught your spouse flirting with another man/woman. This will also lead to the possibility of being unfaithful, should the flirting go too far.

Do not put yourself in the position of being alone with the opposite sex. This can lead to the act of being unfaithful, without much thought or action. It will also put doubt into your spouses mind, should he/she find out. I suppose you have heard the old saying; “What is good for the goose is good for the gander!”, well this can apply to cheating. He/she may decide to get even, should they doubt.

To stay faithful, always think of your spouse first. Would he/she approve of your behavior? Would you approve if you should observe your spouse acting in this manner? Your behavior is the key to staying faithful to your spouse. Think before you act, in order to stay faithful to your spouse.


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