House Training a Puppy

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When you decide to add a new puppy to your family and home you must immediately start the house training process. One of the first and most important things you must train him/her is where to go potty. Depending on the intelligence of the dog, this could be either very easy or a long and arduous task. If you follow these simple tips you will have your puppy house trained with relative ease.

Pick out a place to position the puppy training pad. You want to put the pad in a place that will be out of the way and somewhat private for your puppy.

As soon as you bring your puppy into your home , carry the puppy to the pad and place him/her onto the pad, so that the puppy will become familiar with the scent.

The key to successfully house training your puppy is to be vigilant. When you see your puppy attempting to go potty in an undesirable location, simply pick the puppy up and take him/her to the training pad and place him/her upon it.

Be patient. It may take awhile for your puppy to realize that he/she is suppose to go potty on the pad. If the puppy should have an accident, if it is liquid, soak it up with the pad and put the pad back in the same place and continue with the training. If it is solid, take a tissue and place it onto the puppy pad and again continue the training.

A puppy will urinate right after drinking and have a bowel movement right after eating solid food. With this in mind, as soon as the puppy drinks or eats take and place the puppy on the training pad.

You might want to purchase a crate or cage to put the puppy in while your away from home. Placing the puppy into a cage or crate will discourage the puppy from going potty in other places than on the puppy training pad while you are away.


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